How to Apply

Admission Qualifications

1.Trainees: age above 15 , healthy

2. Applications for degrees: related certificates, good grades, healthy.

Required Materials for Application

1. The applicants send e-mail ( to get the application form.

2. Applicants for degrees should provide the highest certificate and score report; for master¡¯s or     doctor¡¯s degrees should also provide research plan (words within 400 to 800), letters of     recommendation by 2 (associate) professors.

3. Study for more than 6 weeks should provide Physical Examination Record.

4. The application time should be April to June for the fall semester, October to December for the     spring semester.

Note: We will apply and send the visa application paper ( jw202 form ) to student after receiving the            registration fee, and you may apply in your country for student visa.We will assist to apply a            residence permit, but the cost is at student's side.