General Information

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU) is a major higher education institution in Fujian province, China. Its history can be traced back to Agricultural Department of Fukien Christian College founded in 1936 and Fujian Provincial Agriculture College founded in 1940.

FAFU is located in Fuzhou of China, the capital city of Fujian province on the seashore of the Pacific Ocean with picturesque scenery and rich history and culture. With its beautiful, environmentally-friendly campus, the University has been honored as one of China’s model organizations of spiritual civilization, one of China’s model “green”

employers and one of China’s most employee-friendly organizations. FAFU employs over 2300 faculty and staff among which there are more than 1600 full-time faculty members including 761 full or associate professors/investigators, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a member of the China’s Extraordinary Professionals and Technicians. FAFU contains 22 colleges, 69 undergraduate majors covering ten subject areas in science, engineering, agriculture, economics, management, humanities, law, medicine, etc.. The University has a total enrollment of over 24,000 full-time undergraduate students and around 4,000 graduate students. There are eight post-doctoral research centers and offers eleven first-rate doctoral programs, 23 first-rate master’s programs, and seven professional master’s degree programs. In addition, FAFU has established a national science and biology center, a national key academic program and a training center.

FAFU has won 625 science and technology awards and outstanding social achievement awards at the national and provincial level since 1978. As the first organization to initiate JUNCAO technology, FAFU has been offering high-level international training classes of JUNCAO technology for 36 rounds with more than 1200 trainees. To date, JUNCAO technology has been introduced to 75 countries in five continents. Being hailed as a unique and niche major in China, the faculty of Bee Science in FAFU has become the most important talent base and resource for professional training and technological innovation in the field. FAFU is also one of the pioneering universities in China to offer Tea Science major. Distinctive research programs in the field of specialized teas including the oolong tea have been established here, which provide a comprehensive and unique education and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate studies.

FAFU has established teaching and research collaborations with universities and research institutions in more than 20 countries and regions. Based on its long history, highly qualified faculty and full range of professional disciplines, the University has established scholarships and enrolled students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries.

By adhering to the university motto of Excellent Virtue, Honest Wisdom, Profound Knowledge and Constant Innovation, FAFU is striving to promote its open education and international cooperation and exchange to further enhance its national and international recognition as an outstanding institution for academic excellence and economic development.